Senior Medical Travel Fund by NCEA

Off island Medical Trips from Nantucket for Senior Residents

The Nantucket Center for Elder Affairs, Inc. (NCEA) is proud to introduce the Senior Medical Travel Fund, designed to assist senior Nantucket residents with travel and lodging costs for medical treatments, both on and off the island. This initiative aims to alleviate the financial burden of essential healthcare travel expenses off-island.

Generously kickstarted by a single donation from the McCausland Foundation, this fund is further bolstered by their commitment to match every dollar up to an additional $100,000 through November 30, 2024. The fund is securely managed by the Community Foundation for Nantucket.

Key Details:

Reimbursement Limits:

    • For 60+ year-round residents of Nantucket
    • Up to $500 per application for transportation and related expenses per month
    • The maximum annual reimbursement per individual is $1,750

How to Apply:

    • Download and complete the application form (Or pick up a hard copy from Saltmarsh Senior Center)
    • Attach all relevant receipts
    • Submit your application to the Saltmarsh Senior Center at 81 Washington Street

Application Forms:

    • Available for download online and at the Saltmarsh Senior Center

Processing Time:

    • Applications are processed within two-three weeks

Click the button below to download the Senior Medical Trave Fund Application.

Nantucket Center for Elder Affairs Unveils New State-of-the-Art Movie Theater System at Saltmarsh Senior Center

The Nantucket Center for Elder Affairs (NCEA) proudly announces the introduction of an exquisite, cinematic viewing experience for its members at the Saltmarsh Senior Center. The unveiling of the new movie theater system marks a significant upgrade to the Center’s amenities, promising to enhance the entertainment experience for all its visitors and members.

The centerpiece of the new installation is an impressive 83-inch Samsung smart TV, complete with a stunning 4K high-definition resolution that promises to bring the screen to life with unparalleled clarity and vibrant colors. Designed to provide an immersive film-watching experience, the senior-friendly “cinema” includes a surround sound system with speakers ingeniously distributed around the room, ensuring crystal clear audio from every angle. Audio Headphones are available for those who are hard of hearing.

To further the enjoyment of the moviegoers, the NCEA is also in the process of adding new, comfortable chairs to the theater setup. These chairs are meticulously selected to provide maximum comfort, allowing members to truly relax and immerse themselves in their favorite films.

The grand premiere of the new home theater system is scheduled for February 26th, 2024, with a popular crowd-pleaser – “Grease.” This event is poised to be an unforgettable kick-off, showcasing the state-of-the-art enhancements that will undoubtedly be a hit with the Center’s members.

The NCEA is committed to improving the recreational and leisure options available to senior members of the community, recognizing the important role such amenities play in the quality of life and social engagement for the elderly.

Members of the community, media representatives, and supporters of the Saltmarsh Senior Center are cordially invited to join the NCEA’s inaugural film showing and experience the exceptional new theater setup firsthand. Come to celebrate this exciting development, take a tour of the facilities, and enjoy the show.

Event Details:

  • What: New Movie Theater System Launch
  • When: February 26th
  • Where: Saltmarsh Senior Center, 81 Washington Street, Nantucket, MA
  • Feature Presentation: “Grease” – Popcorn is also available.
  • Note: RSVP. This event is FREE! Members bring a guest and have a chance to win a pie.

About The Nantucket Center for Elder Affairs: The Nantucket Center for Elder Affairs is dedicated to enriching the lives of senior citizens in the Nantucket community. With a focus on wellness, cultural vitality, and social connection, the NCEA continually strives to offer resources and activities that enhance the well-being of its members. The NCEA works in partnership with The Saltmarsh Senior Center, governed by the Town of Nantucket.

For more information about the new movie theater system, the NCEA, or the viewing schedule, please contact: Arlene O’Reilly, Marketing Consultant for the NCEA, 

On June 23, 2023, two of Nantucket's seniors were honored!

Jim Richard as Senior Man of the Year and Mary Malavase as Senior Woman of the Year, both of whom were designated by the Nantucket Council on Aging. The event was well attended, and guests enjoyed lunch provided by NCEA/Friends of Nantucket Seniors at Faregrounds Restaurant. Bill Grieder did a fantastic job as the Master of Ceremonies, with speakers Libby Gibson representing the Town and Charity Grace Mofsen, the legislative liaison for Dylan Fernandes, our district representative in the state legislature, serving as presenters. Special thanks to Mary Anne Easley, amongst others who helped coordinate the event, and Kathy Grieder for the photos!

Nantucket Senior Man and Senior Woman of the Year 2023

The Nantucket Council on Aging, at its May 3 meeting, selected the 2023 Nantucket Senior Man and Senior Woman of the Year.

They are: Jim Richard and Mary Malavase.

This award recognizes volunteerism by seniors who are active and involved in the community at large. Since 2004, one man and one woman have been recognized. Before that, the award, begun in 1988, recognized one individual.

Criteria for this award:

  • Must be 60 or older
  • Enthusiastically involved in the community
  • A role model for peers
  • Representative of all the outstanding seniors on our island
  • Exemplify the “spirit of positive aging”
  • Cheerfully willing to help others
  • Cannot be a paid of employee of a senior center, Council  on Aging or Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands

Jim Richard

Jim Richard, an island resident since the age of seven, returned home in 1975 after serving in the Marine Corps. While still working full-time, he started many programs supporting island veterans and showcasing their contributions, including leading efforts for the VFW and American Legion. He also served on the board of The Homestead and is a long-time board member of the Nantucket Center for Elder Affairs (NCEA), also known as Friends of Nantucket Seniors.

Mary Malavase

Island realtor Mary Malavase has been a volunteer for a long list of island organizations. As a member and past president of the Nantucket Garden Club, she has organized the annual Daffodil Show for many years. She served on the board of the Nantucket Historical Association and has steered its annual Festival of Trees. She is also a past president of the Chamber of Commerce and was chair of its Visitor Services Advisory Committee. 

A total of 23 nominations were received this year for 12 men and 11 women. The contributions of these 23 nominees cannot be overemphasized. They were selected from an especially active group of seniors who volunteer their time to serve on town boards, actively support of island non-profits and donate their time to assist individuals in need.

Jim Richard, an island resident since the age of seven, returned home in 1975 after serving in the Marine Corps. While still working full-time, he started many programs supporting island veterans and showcasing their contributions, including leading efforts for the VFW and American Legion. He also served on the board of The Homestead and is a long-time board member of the Nantucket Center for Elder Affairs (NCEA), also known as Friends of Nantucket Seniors.

A celebration luncheon honoring this year’s Seniors of the Year, along with all senior volunteers, is scheduled for Thursday, June 22, at Faregrounds restaurant. In addition to some 100 friends and family, it is attended by town and state government officials. The luncheon is sponsored by the NCEA/Friends of Nantucket Seniors.

Nantucket Council on Aging:

Mary Anne Easley, chair

Robert Kucharavy, vice chair

Arlene O’Reilly, secretary

Abby Camp

Rocky Fox

Erin Lynch

Judith Perkins

Nancy Swain

Linda Williams

Nantucket Senior Citizens of the Year Selected Annually by the Nantucket Council on Aging

  • 1988 Faith Oldham
  • 1996 John Maury
  • 1989 Paul Whitten
  • 1997 Alcon Chadwick
  • 1990 Sylvia Maltby
  • 1998 K Anne diCurcio
  • 1991 Beatrice Santos
  • 1999 Rev. Ted Anderson
  • 1992 Anna Mclean
  • 2000 Jane Harter
  • 1993 Fredrick Cook
  • 2001 Jareaseh St. Jean
  • 1994 Joseph Souza
  • 2002 James King
  • 1995 Gertrude Bernard
  • 2003 Peggy & Keith Krewson
  • 2004 Christine P. Santos and Reginald T. Reed
  • 2005 Eileen McGrath and Rev. Warren Gritzke
  • 2006 C. Jean Egan and Eldridge “Nick” Norton
  • 2007 Mary Glowacki and John McLaughlin
  • 2008 Joan Ottinger and Robert F. Mooney
  • 2009 Louise G. McGarvey and Joseph Aguiar
  • 2010 Louise Benoit and Manny Dias
  • 2011 Jackie Seidel and Phil Read
  • 2012 Randy Wight and Paul Connors
  • 2013 Sara Johnsen and Francis Pease
  • 2014 Emma Rusch and Michael Varbalow
  • 2015 Maureen Beck and Augie Ramos
  • 2016 Helene Blair and Maurice Gibbs
  • 2017 Fran Karttunen and Ned Wight
  • 2018 Peggy Kaufman and Allen Reinhard
  • 2019 Jeanette Topham and Peter Richards
  • 2020  No recipients due to Covid-19 pandemic
  • 2021 Joanne Polster and Ritch Leone
  • 2022  Barbara Kotalac and Bill Grieder
  • 2023  Jim Richard and Mary Malavase


Man & Woman of the Year 2020 & 2021 in the Daffodil Parade.

The NCEA was represented with this antique car courtesy of Bruce & Diane Holdgate.  The entry fee to the Chamber of Commerce was paid for by the Nantucket Odd Fellows. 


April 14, 2022

A Thank You Party was held for all who were part of this successful project.  Including our donors, the local artists who decorated our walls, and the Board of Friends of Nantucket Seniors aka NCEA.

New floors, new door, new paint, new ceiling, fans and lights and new artwork. We celebrated it all with a great get together with our Nantucket friends. A night of music, art and refreshments.

Thanks to David Holland, of Robert Foster Fine Art, who has collected and put together a collection of local Nantucket Artists that will be displayed at Saltmarsh Center.  This along with the renovations to the Center, brings a new look at the talent the Island has to offer! 

Their artwork will add to the enjoyment of the members who attend classes and games there. The display will be on a revolving basis over the coming year.  Thank you to the artists involved for adding beauty to our environment.