Seniors of the Year 2022

The Nantucket Council on Aging, at its May 4 meeting, selected the 2022 Nantucket Senior Man and Senior Woman of the Year.

They are: Bill Grieder and Barbara Kotalac.

This award recognizes volunteerism by seniors who are active and involved in the community at large. Since 2004, one man and one woman have been recognized. Before that, the award, begun in 1988, recognized one individual.

Criteria for this award:

  • Must be 60 or older
  • Enthusiastically involved in the community
  • A role model for peers
  • Representative of all the outstanding seniors on our island
  • Exemplify the “spirit of positive aging”
  • Cheerfully willing to help others
  • Cannot be a paid of employee of a senior center, Council  on Aging or Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands

Bill Grieder

Bill Grieder, who grew up on Nantucket, spent his adulthood off island where he was a volunteer and community leader. Since returning to Nantucket in retirement, he remains an active volunteer. He is currently president of the Madaket Conservation Association, vice chair of the Town’s Roads and Right of Way Committee, and board member of the Nantucket Civic League and the Nantucket Center for Elder Affairs.

Barbara Kotalac

Nonagenarian Barbara Kotalac has been a volunteer on Town committees and nonprofits for 50 years, including serving on the boards of The Homestead and Landmark House for more than 30 years. She has been an election volunteer and member of the Board of Registrars of the Town’s Annual Street Listing. An avid supporter of Whaler sports, she has been a Booster Club member for more than 50 years.

A total of 18 nominations were received this year for 10 women and 8 men. The contributions of these nominees cannot be overemphasized. Non-profits and local government depend on volunteers, all of whom are essential to the health of our community. Seniors are a segment of our island population who are especially generous in giving their time and talents.

A celebration honoring the Seniors of the Year, along with all of our senior volunteers, is being planned at the Fairgrounds Restaurant, although a date has not been set. In addition to some 100 friends and family, this annual event is attended by Town and state government officials.

Man & Woman of the Year 2020 & 2021 in the Daffodil Parade.

The NCEA was represented with this antique car courtesy of Bruce & Diane Holdgate.  The entry fee to the Chamber of Commerce was paid for by the Nantucket Odd Fellows. 


April 14, 2022

A Thank You Party was held for all who were part of this successful project.  Including our donors, the local artists who decorated our walls, and the Board of Friends of Nantucket Seniors aka NCEA.

New floors, new door, new paint, new ceiling, fans and lights and new artwork. We celebrated it all with a great get together with our Nantucket friends. A night of music, art and refreshments.

Thanks to David Holland, of Robert Foster Fine Art, who has collected and put together a collection of local Nantucket Artists that will be displayed at Saltmarsh Center.  This along with the renovations to the Center, brings a new look at the talent the Island has to offer! 

Their artwork will add to the enjoyment of the members who attend classes and games there. The display will be on a revolving basis over the coming year.  Thank you to the artists involved for adding beauty to our environment.