About the Saltmarsh and The Council on Aging

The Saltmarsh Senior Center is the social and recreational place for active people 60 years and over to enjoy themselves. The Council on Aging is a Town Committee. Its members are selected by the Select Board and it acts on behalf of elderly residents, 60 years and older. The Council on Aging is responsible for addressing the needs of Nantucket elders. They provide programs for senior citizens that will enhance their quality of life; develop and carry out programs for them that encompass nutritional, educational, recreational, and social needs. The Council on Aging provides information and lectures regarding health care, legal services, social security and changes to federal and state laws, which pertain to the elderly.

“I have attended exercise classes at the Saltmarsh Center for 7 years. I attribute these classes with keeping me mobile and flexible. It has also given me the opportunity to make the acquaintance of many affable women and men.” – Mary Richrod