Nantucket Needs a New Senior Center

The demand for services and programs has outstripped the Saltmarsh Senior Center’s capacity.

  • The design of the current building limits the COA’s ability to offer more programs to reach additional users.
  • The lack of adequate parking limits the number of seniors who can participate in popular activities.
  • There is a lack of private meeting space for consultations and clinics.
  • These problems are getting steadily worse as the senior population grows.

The program space at the Senior Center consists of one large room. This makes scheduling multiple activities difficult and requires frequent reconfiguration of the space between programs.

All of these challenges will get worse as our senior population grows. Adults 55+ are already 31% of the population. 

Because of these limitations, we are asking for a new Senior Center. We hope you will support our efforts.

Thank you.

“One of the best things about the Saltmarsh is the instant friends you make; but there is no place to sit and talk as every inch of space is used for activities, meeting, lectures, and events.” – Peggy Kaufman