Your Donation will help NCEA and Nantucket Seniors

Your Donation will help NCEA and Nantucket Seniors
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NCEA relies on the generosity of the community who wish to support Nantucket’s seniors. Donations may be restricted to a particular program such as exercise classes, Duplicate Bridge etc. Unrestricted donations will be used for the greatest need as determined by the Board of Directors.

NCEA owns the building known as the Saltmarsh Center and is responsible for repairs, renovations and upkeep of the building and gardens. The building is leased rent free by NCEA to the Town of Nantucket, for the Town to operate senior programs onsite five days a week. The Town’s budget is limited, so NCEA also uses your contributions to support, supplement and enhance Town senior center programming and to provide special experiences for seniors by underwriting the cost of senior tickets to Cape Cod Symphony Holiday Concert and Nantucket Theatre productions. NCEA also helps to organize and sponsor programs of special interest such as the Memory Café, Celtic Sojourn, events, speakers and activities in celebration of 2020 – Year of Nantucket Senior, and much more. NCEA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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